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  • Kompass Hauptstudium 2022
    At the end of the fourth semester, every VIW student is faced with the choice of a major field of study. As every year, we do not leave the students of traffic engineering alone with this future-oriented decision, but offer a lot of information with “Kompass Hauptstudium” thanks to the active support of Spätverkehr and […]
  • Students urgently needed for the examination board LuLo and StuGaKos
    Student representatives [m,w,d] are sought for the Examination Committee Air Transport and Logistics (LuLo). Registration is possible here: http://tud.link/hb0s. The delegation will take place at the FSR meeting on 30.05.2022. We are also still looking for student programme coordinators for LuLo, BSI. You can find more information (in german) here: https://fsr-verkehr.de/weiterhin-stugakos-fuer-vwi-lulo-und-bsi-gesucht/. Enrolment is also possible […]
  • Your semester ticket is valid as a 9€ ticket throughout Germany
    In June, July and August, your semester ticket becomes a local transport ticket valid throughout Germany! From 1 June, the Semesterticket will be valid for three months on local public transport throughout Germany. In the course of the 9€ ticket, we students will also benefit from the reduced prices. Without having to buy an additional […]
  • Invitation to the 4th Faculty General Assembly on 01.06.2022
    The Faculty Management cordially invites all students and staff to the fourth Faculty General Assembly of the Faculty of Transport Sciences “Friedrich List” on Wednesday, 1 June 2022, 13:00 to 15:00 in POT 81. The focus this year will be on the topics of teaching and student numbers. After brief impulses, there will be three […]
  • Invitation to the “hunt for Mr. X”
    We want to use the lecture-free Dies academicus (Wed, 18.05.) for a Mr. X/Mrs. Y round. In groups we will chase the group around Mr. X/Mrs. Y using regular public transport directions. This is a good opportunity to get to know fellow students or other people at the university as well as the Dresden public […]

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