What is the FSR Verkehr?

We are the student council for Transport Sciences of the “Friedrich List” student body (short: FSR Verkehr) and your lobby at “Friedrich List” Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences at TU Dresden.

What does “FSR” stand for?

FSR stands in german for “Fachschaftsrat” (eng: student council of a faculty)

What makes the FSR Verkehr?

Our tasks and topics come from the sächsischen Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz. We are active in the following areas:

How I can engage me at FSR Verkehr?

Every year you can canditate at student body elections for the FSR. If you want to know more about us you can visit us at our next FSR Sitzung.

When are the FSR Sitzungen?

They are usually in the lecture period every monday at 8:05 pm in a BigBlueButtom-Room. The link and the dates you can find in our calender at this website.

Can I engage at FSR Verkehr if I am not member of the FSR ?

Yes sure! In our Dunstkreis you can do everything in the FSR, without the right to vote in the council and the function of Sprecher:innen (eng: speaker) and Finanzer:in (eng: Treasurer ).

What is the Dunstkreis of the FSR?

The Dunstkreis are students who support the FSR.

What does “Fachschaft” stands for?

The “Fachschaft” (eng: student body of a faculty) are all students of a faculty.

What are the “Ressorts” of the FSR?

“Ressorts” are open task forces of the FSR. Each Ressorts have a hat and member of the “Ressort”. The Ressorts organize our events, parties and offer our services.

What are „Listigen Vereinigungen“?

„Listige Vereinigungen“ are student groups (partially oficial “Hochschulgruppen”) at our faculty . We aim to support them. At the links at our partners you can inform you about their activities.

What is the StuRa?

StuRa stands in german for Studierendenrat (eng: student council of the university). His plenum members are elected by the student councils of the faculties (FSR). In the StuRa-Baracke they offer many services and consulting services. More informations about the StuRa you will find on their  Website.

I have a project or event idear. How can you finacial support my project?

If the hole Fachschaft profite from your idear the chances are high that we can give you finacial support from our pot for promoting student initiatives. Please ask for more informations our Treasurer .

How does studying at tu dresden work?

How could I get more informations about course of studies at TU Dresden?

We have every year information days about the courses of studies at our faculty in janouary (UNI LIVE) and in may/June (Uni Tag).

How can I get my timetable?

The current timetables can you find here.(Linkeinf ̈ugen)

What is AQUA?

With the General Qualification (AQUA), further inter-disciplinary competences are acquired. Find out in your study regulations(Pr ̈ufungsordnung), in the module description and in the Aqua catalog which and how many lectures you have to attend for your General Qualification.

What is a ”Studiengangskoordinator?”

Study coordinators (Studiengangskoordinatoren) are responsible for quality assurance and quality maintenance of your course of study. They are your contact persons for questions and problems concerning the quality of your course of study, your lectures or your examinations.

What is the ”Studienordnung?”

The study regulations (Studienordnung) describe the basic structure, sequence and objectives of your course of study.

What is the ”Studienplanführer?

In the study plan guide (Studienplanführer) you will find the module descriptions and a schedule of your studies.

What means N.N?

It means name unknown.

What is the 2nd week (2. Woche)?

It is an even calendar week. Courses which take place only bi-weekly are differentiated according to even and odd calendar weeks.

What is the ”Regelstudienzeit”?

It is the standard period of study. It can be extended by semesters abroad, sick leave or work in university committees. It covers 10 semesters for traffic engineers, 6 semesters for bachelor’s and 4 semesters for master’s degree programs.

Can I exceed the standard period of study?

Yes, the number of semesters you can exceed is stated in your examination regulations (Prüfungsordnung).

I’m having trouble with my tutor ( ̈Ubungsleiter). What can I do?

First of all, you should talk with your tutor. You can also change to another training group. Otherwise, you can also contact your study coordinator (Studiengangskoordinator).


When are the registration times for the exams?

You can find the registration times for the exams here on the page of the examinations office.

How can i deregister from an exam?

You can deregister from an exam in HISQIS or Selma up to three working days before the exam. You can find more informations here on the page of the examination office.

How many times coud I repeat an exam?

You could repeat exams two times. You can find more informations on the page of the examination office.

What is the examination regulations for?

The examination regulations determine the type, structure, deadlines and repetition of examinations, but also the recognition of examination achievements from other universities.