The Fakultätsrat:

The Fakultätsrat can be considered as the parliament of our faculty. The meetings are scheduled on a monthly basis and contain all decisions regarding our faculty. Among other things the Fakultätsrat makes the final decision on all regulations regarding studies and exams and are proposed by the Studienkommissionen. Two student members are elected by all students of our faculty.

Student Members of our FSR:

  • Marvin Maier (VIW 17)
  • Alexander Ullrich (VIW 18)

Contact: mail at fsrverkehr@tu-dresden.de

Professors and scientific staff:

  • Mr Prof. Prokop (dean)
  • Mr Prof. Fricke
  • Ms Prof. Gerike (vice-dean Research)
  • Mr Prof. Michler
  • Mr Prof. Schönberger
  • Mr Prof. Stephan
  • Mr Dr. Ließke
  • Ms Dipl.-Ing. Lux
  • Mr Dipl.-Ing. Kriesel
  • Ms Dr. Richter (equal opportunity commissioner)

Permanent guests (if not elected members):

  • Mr Prof. Hirte (dean of studies of Verkehrswirtschaft)
  • Mr Prof. König (dean of studies of Verkehrsingenieurwesen)
  • Mr Prof. Löffler (delegate for inter-faculty courses of studies)
  • Mr Dr. Krieg